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Information and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it really free?  What's the catch?  Yes it is free and there is no catch.  I know that once you have experienced this new healing process you will want to share it with your loved ones.  I know that because it is not possible for greed or ego to corrupt this process, it will grow exponentially.  Once a sufficient number of people have learned the process this planet will be transformed--it is that simple.
  • Can anyone learn this process?  Yes, provided you are able to breathe, you can learn this new healing process.  I know that all human beings are wired so to be able to help each other.  Once you have experienced the new healing process you will be able to easily and quickly learn how to use it.  It's quick and easy.





  • What if I have no experience in healing and I am not at all spiritual?  Actually, that is a very good thing.  Whilst this is not necessarily true for everyone, some experienced healers find the philosophy of this new healing process a little challenging.  You do not need to be spiritual or religious to witness the healings--all you need to do is be there and follow the basic guidelines.
  • Does this new healing process involve touching?  Our recommendations is to avoid touching people.  It totally unnecessary to include touch in the process.  
  • I have experienced a healing and would like to support your work.  All we ask is that you report your healing to our Healings Blog.  This will greatly encourage others who may be suffering from a similar issue as yours. 
  • Will this healing replace my medical treatment? Not at all.  One of the wonderful features of this healing process is that it works alongside your regular medical treatment and enhances it. 

    Depending on the type of healing that you experience, it may very well be possible that your doctor will alter the treatment or pronounced you cured.  Only your doctor can make that decision.  Do tell your doctor that you have experienced this new healing process.

    It has become quite evident to me that medical treatment, delivered by qualified licensed physicians, is a form of healing in itself.  That is--if your condition can be easily treated using known and freely available current medical treatments--such treatments will be used for that purpose.  Medical healing or miracle healing--they both come from the same Source.  A healing is a healing no matter how it occurs.
  • Are there any age limits?  No.  It is available to anyone at any age.  Children respond beautifully to this form of healing.  However, it is important that the person witnessing the healing be known to the child, and preferably be related to the child.  This is true when the healing process is delivered face to face.

    In such a case, it is a good idea for the parents of the child to first experience the healing and then, in turn, witness the healing of the child.  This guideline does not apply to distance healings.
  • Can my partner and I undertake a healing together?  Good question! This may be possible in some instances.  Each situation is unique.  In most cases, it is ok and even desirable to have family members and loved ones present during the healing process.
  • How does the distance healing differ from the face to face one?  There is no difference in the effectiveness of the healing.  Time and space are not applicable to this process.  The process takes place at a different dimension which has no time or space limitations.
  • Is there anything special I should do, wear or bring?  Please do wear clothing (that is comfortable) and easily removed shoes. 

    There is nothing else for you to bring or do.  During the healing process be as still and as peaceful as possible.  There is no need for you to offer prayers, enter meditative states or affirm anything.  If it is difficult for you to still your mind, simply concentrate on your breathing and relax.  If you cannot relax, just do the best you can--it really is not that important.  The most important thing is that you are there.   Please do wear an unscented personal deodorant. 
  • Is there anything special I should not do, wear or bring?  Please avoid wearing perfumes or other scents.  During the healing many people report experiencing pleasant fragrances which may be masked if you wear perfumes. 
  • I am bit nervous can I bring a friend along?  If you are nervous about attending this new healing process it is best that you do not attend at all.  Always trust your inner feelings. 
  • Can this healing process be used for anything else?  Definitely yes!  Another major aspect of this healing method is that it can be used on all things animate and inanimate, animals, fish, plants, homes, computers, crystals, rocks, gardens, water, food, clothing, menus, toothpicks ... :-) do you get the idea?

    It can also be used on immaterial and intangible things such as concepts and ideas, aspirations, desires etc.
  • I would like to ask a different question.  We welcome all questions, please realise that it may take a little while before we can answer your question.  Please ask your question on our Healings Blog






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