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Healing Testimonials - Sore painful feet


S VIC Australia Physical healing testimonial -  sore feet

I am an air hostess and had been on my feet all day taking care of a very full flight.

I also had a fall recently and my left foot was hurting badly. It felt as if it was on fire.

One of the passengers noticed I was limping a little and asked me if I was in pain.

I told him I was in some discomfort. I noticed that since then, every time I past him he pointed his hand towards me and then he would make some slow movements as if he was waving to me.

I stopped paying attention because I was very busy with taking care of the passengers.






When the plane landed I realised that my foot had stopped hurting for quite sometime.

I asked the passenger if this may have been the result of his doing and he told me that this was not the case. He said that someone else had carried out the healing. Not sure what to make of this, but I am sure grateful for the experience.

Thank you!




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