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Free healing - Welcome to the Free Healing site

Why is it free?

The arrival of free healing sessions, and the fact that I am offering this free healing site does not in any way imply that there is anything wrong with paid healing.  There are those who choose to offer free healing and there are those who ask for a fee for their healing services.  This in PERFECT accordance with universal law.

Do not form the opinion that because I am offering a free healing service I am in any way biased against money. 

Let it be clear that I have nothing against money, wealth and any form of honest and ethical commercial practices. I see money as a form of energy and just like all other forms of energy it can have constructive or destructive effects.

Free healing and paid healing can perfectly coexist. Each form of healing (free or otherwise) are expressions of Higher Intelligence.

I believe that the Creator wants us all to be prosperous--especially those people who are spiritual and unselfish.

The fact is that there is no spiritual benefit whatsoever in being poor and miserable.  Even Saints, such as the wonderful Mother Theresa, who offered free healing services for the poor, could not have achieved anything of value on this planet had it not been for the donations of millions of dollars that supported her miraculous work here on earth.  To this day her organization is successfully raising millions of dollars to help the poor and the orphans that have been abandoned.

I believe that money is good and powerful and creative.  I also believe that the love of money and greed are evil and destructive.

I have produced the free healing website and meditations and tools (available to all spiritually minded people for free) to help you attract more money and more abundance in your life so that in turn you may be free to offer free healings.

Additionally, keeping this site and the tools free of charge will help prevent greed and other selfish interests from contaminating the work.  I have witnessed this contamination take place in the lives of so many well-meaning people--and I do not want it to happen to me.

I also think that it is right for me to walk the talk--that is, if I truly believe in what I am writing, than I must also believe that I will generate the funds needed for this free healing project--indeed much much more than that! 

In all honesty, I believe that those who choose to sell God's gifts, short-change themselves greatly--I firmly believe in this statement.

I can already claim that since I started the free healing project I have met some of the most wonderful and generous people on this planet who have allowed me to use their music, graphics and other resources--freely and joyously.   This has been a learning experience for me--as I am not at all comfortable in asking for favours.  





Ultimately, suffice it to say that the decision of not charging for this project and its resources is not mine.   Here is a brief rendition of the events that took place.

I was seated behind my desk busy at work on an important project I had just started-- clearly unsuspecting of the tornado of events that were about to manifest around me. 

For the past few weeks I had this strong premonition that I would be travelling to Melbourne (Australia) a short 1 hour flight from Canberra.  I do have important clients in Melbourne so I thought that I would be visiting them. 

Then I was inexplicably delayed from leaving my office for the entire morning.  It felt as if I was waiting for something.  Since my childhood, I have learned to trust my intuition, so I was in a curious expectancy of what was going to happen next.

An E-mail arrived from a reader of one of my Spiritual Blogs asking me a question.  My attention was drawn to the footer of his E-mail.  I clicked on the link and found information about a seminar that was being held in Melbourne THE FOLLOWING DAY--and then the penny dropped--that was going to be my Melbourne destination!

I have always vehemently refused to participate in "spiritual" seminars.  In my view most of these are just an excuse to fleece money from kind-hearted people.

I made some enquiries and my first shock was the exorbitant fees being charged for such a short seminar.  I protested in my mind that I did not need to, nor felt like going to this event.  I did not need the experience, and certainly did not want to part with the $3000 it was going to cost me.

Those of you who are accustomed to the inexorable and relentless determination of Spirit Guides to get their way will guess what followed.  My protests had clearly not registered with them--gingerly I was shown the picture of the person that I would be connecting with in Melbourne.

Needless to say, two hours later, after a flurry of packing, I found myself on a Tiger Jet flight to Melbourne.

The first significant experience happened in my hotel room.  I was very tired because of the long day and unplanned  activities.   As soon as my exhausted head hit the pillow, I became aware of a very strong presence, then I saw a series of flashes of light coming from near the bathroom.  I got up and investigated, thinking that I may have left my mobile phone on --but this was not the case, and politely informed my unearthly "visitors" that I was really tired and needed to get some sleep.

My first impression of the seminar was the evident lack of love and care for the participants.  I am sensitive to energies and what I was experiencing was a feeling of control, a tightness and an uncomfortable feeling of being manipulated.  Before the seminar I was requested to sign a lengthy legal document which virtually gave all my rights away. 

This negative and destructive energy increased as the seminar progressed.  Many people grumbled to me about the fact that they were being treated as "inferior creatures".  Then came the first revelation--all those who were Reiki Masters, Qi-Gong Masters and practitioners of other arts were instructed to cease offering those forms of healing.

Having investigated cults in my day job (I am a licensed investigator) I could clearly see the mind manipulation techniques being used.   At that stage in time I started to think that I had made a terrible mistake being there.  Once again,  I felt a strong impulse to persevere.

I then met the person whose picture had been pointed out to me and she was a lovely, warm and kind hearted person.  I also noticed that several of the people assisting the organizers were really lovely people--I felt truly sorry for them.






Then came another shock.  In order to continue with the seminar we all had to undergo an "experience".  You guessed it--at the cost of sever hundred dollars more.  At that moment I started to feel as if I was a wallet with legs.

I selected my "contact" as a practitioner and laid down to receive the process.  For a good part of it I could not feel anything and started to wonder whether this entire seminar was a scam.

I then felt the presence of my Spirit Guide and two other entities.  I felt their presence just as strongly as I feel that of a person in the flesh.  They all laid their hands over my body and remained there.    This feeling of presence I have experienced countless times since I was a young child.  I felt an overwhelming feeling of love coming down to me and, as usual, within seconds I was reduced to a slobbering mess. 

My practitioner later told me that she saw my face transfigure and described what she had seen in great detail--and that all she could do was watch and hand me tissues.  I then realised why she had been chosen to be beside me during this moment.  I also truly believe that this event took place for her benefit as well as mine.

What followed was two days of educational torture, diminishing remarks and an unprecedented display of egomaniacal arrogance. 

My group's instructor was clearly incompetent--she was so nervous she forgot to demonstrate several of the key hand movements. 

Clearly stressed, she made up for her incompetence with arrogance and a false sense of superiority.  I saw one woman participant reduced to tears because she clearly could not perform the tasks she had not been shown in the first place. 

At the end of the seminar there was a chaotic attempt at having the group catch up with all the hand movements that we had not been shown in the first place.  By then we were so stressed out we could not tie our shoe laces.

To make things worse, at the end of the seminar, the she-monster gloatingly instructed us to go to her in a single line, and there, one by one, we would be receiving her verdict--PASS OR FAILURE.  At that point I felt that murdering her would have been such an easy and pleasurable thing to do and I left the room.

Suffice it to say that I did not qualify.  I was informed that (for a considerable amount of money) I could be offered a remedial program and, since I was very close to qualifying, this would be almost guaranteed.  By that time I was so angry I could have exploded.

At the end of the seminar there was a feeling of loss, confusion, disappointment and anger in the room.  There was no celebrating applauses, no smiles, no embraces or handshakes--there was not even a send off or closing ceremony.  Many felt cheated, robbed and abused.

I went back to my room feeling  bewildered.  I could not figure out why my Guide had decided to play such a cruel trick on me--this had never happened before.  

The practitioner I met earlier called me to her room.  I could see that she was feeling very sorry for me and for all my group.  She had been speaking to members of my group and she was very sympathetic.  She tried her best to help but by then it was well and truly too late. 

While I was speaking with her I had the first insight.  I remember speaking these words to her and I knew that they were not my words.

"Please do not feel bad for me.  The purpose of my coming here was to make a connection with certain people and certain entities and to witness a series of events--all these things have taken place.  I was never meant to qualify for I was never meant to be part of this process". 

Both she and I looked at each other puzzled when these words came out of my mouth.  I, for certain, did not fully realise what they meant.

That night at about 2 am, I was lying in bed awake going over the events of the last four days trying to figure out the meaning of the catastrophe that had just happened. 

At 2am I saw two flashes of light.  Annoyed, I got out of bed to investigate the cause.  When I went back to bed I became aware of a strong presence of multiple beings.  I could sense (more than feel) them, but I could detect that there were more than one in the room.

Within a few seconds they "dumped" a very detailed and lengthy message.  I am transcribing it in point form for brevity sake.

  • They were the entities who had given the method of healing to the founder of the organization many years ago.
  • Their intention was for this new method of healing to spread world-wide and to reach as many people as possible before "the appointed time".  The meaning of the word "appointed time" is not one I am wanting to discuss.
  • They saw that the founder of the organization was now surrounded by greedy opportunistic people.  They had corrupted him and corrupted the entire process turning it into a cult-like, shameful money making business.
  • They saw that the founder and his associates were now inventing false procedures for the sole purpose of gaining more power and manufacturing products they could sell for profit.
  • They felt that this level of greed and corruption had damaged the entire process and was threatening its survival.
  • They wanted to connect with someone who could be trusted to deliver their original process to the masses--a person who would not try to control the process nor corrupt it.
  • They were told that this someone would be coming to the seminar and that they would recognise him.
  • They told me that that I was that person.
  • I was given strict instructions about
    • Not giving the healing process a name.
    • Disregarding the hand positioning that I had learned during the seminar since they were  made up using false information obtained through deluded individuals and false (heretical was their word) books.  I was told the primary purpose of these hand movements was to create a product that could be sold.
    • Delivering the healing sessions and training free of charge to anyone who requested it.
    • Ensuring that no rules or regulations be imposed on the healing process.
  • The entities also said that I could accept spontaneous donations--but that these could not be solicited.  The exact words given to me were "If a person's heart is moved to support you, receive that support gratefully--acknowledge it and give thanks"
  • I was told that they would be working with me to ensure a successful outcome--and that this help would also be  equally extended to all others participating in this effort.

A feeling of peace came over me and I fell asleep.





On the plane coming home, I had two experience which well and truly proved to me, beyond any doubt, that the entities were there with me doing the work, and I grew more and more excited about the project.  Since then, I have experienced first hand the power of the healings and have received detailed instructions on how to teach others.

From that day, the entities have been with me guiding me, making suggestions and pointing me in the right direction.

Most importantly I know that they will do EXACTLY the same thing with you if you are willing to be part of this project.

It is up to you now.




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