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Free distant healing, remote healing


If you wish to request a distant healing session please send an E-mail

Please make sure to include the following information...

  • The first name only, city and country of the person in need of healing
  • Attach a photo. This image will be used for the distant healing session.  Please note that due to the large number of requests we are receiving we will no longer be processing requests without a photo. 
  • One word or up to three words describing the nature of the healing requested (physical, emotional, financial). This is needed only for the purpose of administrative use only.

Please do not offer any other details such as full names, date of birth, address, other personal details/history or any other information/medical history.

This type of distant healing takes place at consciousness level and it is not limited by time or space.  From past experiences, we know that the moment you place your request, Higher Intelligence lovingly responds.

Please make sure to study the self healing instruction and to carefully follow the guidelines. Many spontaneous healings have occurred by following our self-healing guidelines.

We are receiving thousands of requests, if you receive a healing before we respond to you, please let us know.

It is important that you realise the following:

  • We are not performing the healing we are only acting as facilitators and witnesses.
  • We do not know what will take place.
  • There are no guarantees that a healing will take place in the form that you requested.
  • We ask that you form no expectations about a possible outcome.  The process does not require you to have "faith" in the process.
  • Please do report any experiences, feelings or events in our Healings Tips and Updates (see the box below) or by sending us an E-mail.  Reporting your experiences will greatly encourage and inspire others.
  • We ask that you consider undertaking the free healing training so that you may share this experience with others.  This type of distant healing can be easily learned by anyone, provided you are able to breathe you can learn this healing process.

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